Basic information
Yangzhou Runda Oilfield Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Company address: No. 3 Zhenxing Road Yangzhou city Jiangsu province China
General manager:0514-86761279
To do the Office:0514-86760257(Recruitment Hotline)
Sales Hotline:
International Marketing Department:0514-86766966
Domestic marketing department:0514-86768479 86762680
QQ customer service:3373099970


Bus route
Yangzhou City by Road 88 to Jiangdu district bus station or take 99 road to the cement factory of Jiangdu, turn 5, 18, 20 road to Shao Boyuan District revitalization of the road, along the revitalization of the eastward walk 200 meters to.  
Line 1: go G2 Beijing Shanghai high-speed in Zhenwu Shaobo exit, turn left towards the direction of the Shao Bo along x205 running about 5 km into S237 to Shao Bocheng district left turn into the Park revitalization of the road.
Line 2: go S28 Kai Yang (G4011 Yangli) high-speed in Jiangdu north exit, turn right towards the direction of the Shao Bo along S237 driving about 5 km, to the Shao Bocheng area right into Park revitalization of the road.